Pillar — Our Principles

We are excited that you found Pillar, your home care organisation in Kuala Lumpur! Our team of KL-based personnel are here to help our clients and their families receive the best care possible. In doing so, we follow these principles each and every day:

Responsibility – our clients’ health and well being is our top priority.

Personalisation – we provide tailored services to our clients that meet their specific needs.

Fast & Easy – we believe our clients should be able to purchase care quickly whether for an hour, a day, a week, or longer, and we provide desktop and mobile tools for fast access to our services, Care Managers, and Care Companions. Our “Pillar Care App” is designed to make our clients and their loved ones’ lives easier.

Communication – we are a new type of home care, believing it should be easy for our Care Companions and clients to be in touch about our services. Our “Pillar Care App” keeps everyone informed, including clients’ loved ones.

Responsive – our staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether our clients need 1 or 24 hours of care, we are here to meet our clients’ needs.

Empathy – we are caring individuals dedicated to enhance the dignity of our clients and their loved ones, and ensure our clients lead their lives to the fullest.

Coordinated Care – our synergistic pool of expert Care Managers and Care Companions work together to provide you with the best possible quality care.

Involvement – the participation of loved ones in the success of our clients’ care plans is critical to our success in serving.

Expertise & Experience – our experienced staff is always fully updated on each client’s needs and is proactive with their actions both with clients and their loved ones.

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